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Chestnut Park Primary School

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Curriculum Vision

Futura  Curriculum 


We inspire our children's learning through a creative curriculum, ensuring our pupils experience a wide breadth of study and have, by the end of each key stage, long-term memory of an ambitious body of procedural and semantic knowledge. Our progressive curriculum, from 3-19 years ensures that children have the requisite knowledge to proceed to their next year of study, including transition to secondary school.

Our curriculum is ambitious, meeting and often exceeding the national curriculum, for all and strives to address inclusion and disadvantage in its intent and implementation. For more information of the intent, implementation and impact of each curriculum area, please read The Futura Curriculum (Pdf). The Futura Curriculum Principles (Pdf) shows how our curriculum benefits from being part of the Futura Learning Partnership and integrates with the Futura values.

Find out more about our curriculum

To find out more about the curriculum please contact us via the school office on office@chestnutparkschool.orrg.uk  or ask your child's class teacher. 

We also offer curriculum presentations and workshops. During these our 'curriculum subject leaders' share full details of curriculum progression including the knowledge and skills your child will learn as they progress through the school. Please check the school calendar and newsletter for details of these events.