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Chestnut Park Primary School

Chestnut ParkPrimary School


Chestnut Park's mission is to “provide an extraordinary education, value individuality and prepare children with the knowledge, skills and values to be lifelong learners in an ever changing world.”

Children at Chestnut Park will leave primary school believing anything is possible. They will be goal focused, action orientated, naturally ambitious and self-determined. They will know the feeling of success throughout their learning and demonstrate pride in the outcomes they have created and we will be proud of them all.

Curriculum Vision

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Curriculum Intent

At Chestnut Park Primary School we put children at the heart of every decision we make and every action we take. We offer innovative learning opportunities that will inspire curiosity, develop inquiring minds and maximise learning potential for all children.  

Our ASPIRE Curriculum is underpinned by our curriculum drivers - Inspire, Innovate Impact.

The curriculum promotes the following attributes and will ensure every child will advance and achieve.

A – Ambition – unlimited in our ambition for all children’s attainment

S – Success– guarantees and celebrates the success of every child

P – Progression – ensures sustained progress across all subject disciplines

I – Inclusion – fully inclusive learning opportunities

R – Resilience – opportunities for children to reflect and become resilient learners

E – Equity – every child is equipped with everything they need to achieve

Aspire, Advance, Achieve

Pupils’ curriculum experiences will be extraordinary as they are immersed in inspirational, extensive and dynamic learning opportunities that equip them with the knowledge, skills and attributes to be successful and aspirational learners.


We are limitless in our aspirations and ambition for the children at Chestnut Park. By working in unison with parents and the wider community we will ensure that children are guided to make conscious, positive choices to achieve extraordinary things.

Learning to Learn

Learning to learn will be central to our curriculum approach. Every child will develop exceptional oracy skills and will be able to articulate their learning as a learner, describing their learning over time and currently. Children will learn the physical, cognitive, social and emotion elements of oracy, to enable them to effectively communicate and express themselves with clarity.

Immersion in a knowledge enriched curriculum will guarantee children develop vocabulary and skills as well as developing the essential ‘Exceptional Learner Attributes’ – motivation, resilience, curiosity, courage, communication and connection that support them becoming ‘Star Learners’.  


By prioritising equitable learning experiences, every very child at Chestnut Park will know the feeling of success. By recognising each child’s unique and personal learning journey we prioritise their needs and remain unwavering in our ambitions for them. Within a limitless education, we are incredibly optimistic and determined to see every child maximise their potential to achieve.