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Chestnut Park Primary School

Chestnut ParkPrimary School


We provide a high quality, inclusive education for all pupils by providing a relevant curriculum led by practitioners who understand the specialist nature of early years’ practice.  Learning activities and opportunities value the inquisitive nature of the pupil and allow them to develop as autonomous learners, showing initiative and independence.  The importance of play is recognised in all aspects of pupils’ learning and a curriculum is provided which covers all areas of a pupil’s development.

A learning environment is created where emotional wellbeing is seen as paramount to successful learning.  Past learning is valued and used as a basis to plan for future progress.  Individual differences are acknowledged and all pupils treated equally, regardless of age, attainment, ethnicity, gender, language and special educational needs.

Parental contribution is valued and used to establish an atmosphere of trust and respect between home and school.

There is a flexible approach to learning which allows activities that encourage pupils to develop the characteristics of ‘Exceptional Learners.’

Opportunities are created to enable children to develop language skills i.e. fluency, coherence and understanding by providing opportunities to ‘talk’, as well as access to language through stories, songs and rhymes.

 EYFS Curriculum Vision

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