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Chestnut Park Primary School

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India Partnership

We have established a partnership with Gokuldham Nar School in India, and we are looking forward to the numerous opportunities this collaboration will bring for our children.

Just recently, we had our first virtual meeting with the school in India, and the enthusiasm from both sets of children was truly heartwarming. The children are incredibly excited to watch our friendship grow and are already coming up with ideas on how we can learn from each other and share our cultures.

This partnership offers a unique chance for our students to gain an understanding of life in another country and to celebrate the diversity of our world. It is an opportunity for them to learn about Indian culture, customs, and traditions, as well as to share their own experiences living in the United Kingdom.

We believe that this partnership will not only enhance our students' global awareness but also foster empathy, tolerance, and mutual respect. Learning about different cultures will broaden our children' perspectives and enrich their educational experience.