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Chestnut Park Primary School

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Learning Maths at Chestnut Park will empower children to develop a positive attitude towards learning Mathematics. The will perform mathematical operations and manipulations with confidence, speed and accuracy, think and reason precisely, logically and critically in any given situation whilst broadening and deepening their investigative skills. 

They will be confident and competent problem-solvers and will demonstrate resilience when tackling any mathematical challenge.

The teaching of Maths will encourage and enable pupils to: recognise that mathematics permeates the world around us, appreciate the usefulness, power and beauty of mathematics, enjoy mathematics and develop patience and persistence when solving problems. 

Our approach to maths is both skills and knowledge based.  As a school, we believe that fluency is key. Children need to have a secure understanding of basic principles in order to deepen their knowledge of the maths curriculum further.

Children will be taught number sense, operational skills and teachers will boost their ability to solve complex problems. Lessons will focus on oracy and language to enhance the mathematical curriculum and children’s understanding of concepts. 

Pupils are taught strategies to develop accuracy and logical and systematic thinking, as well as being taught which methods are most efficient, once understanding is secure. 

Children are given autonomy in their learning to choose which methods best suits them, which builds independence and confidence in mathematics.

Maths Curriculum Vision

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