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Chestnut Park Primary School

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Children at Chestnut Park learn to write for a range of purposes and across a range of genres.  They will learn to be writers as they enjoy the varied learning opportunities they are presented with and are motivated by from across the curriculum.

Writing enables children to communicate meaning to others and children will develop their skills, as well as build an awareness of purpose and audience.  Writing skills will enable children to transcend subject disciplines, and write as storyteller, a poet, a geographer, a scientist, a designer, an historian, a mathematician and an engineer.  This comes alongside deliberate and explicit lessons as writers, where skills in composition and transition, vocabulary development, grammar, spellings, handwriting and oracy are all taught exceptionally well.

Children will understand the technical disciplines of grammar, punctuation, sentence and text structure and how they can be used to affect the reader.  Chestnut Park writers have the technical knowledge and skill to write with accuracy, have the stamina to produce extended pieces of writing with confidence.

Children take pride in the way that they construct and present their learning across all areas of the curriculum. They accumulate writing experience and expertise from a progressive, knowledge rich and sequenced curriculum.

Writing Curriculum Vision 

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