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At Chestnut Park Primary school, we recognise the benefits and opportunities that technology offers to teaching and learning. We actively encourage the use of technology in order to enhance knowledge and skills, however we also understand that the accessible and global nature of the internet and variety of technologies available mean that we are also aware of potential risks and challenges associated with such use.

Online Safety refers to child protection and safeguarding of both children and adults in the digital world.  It is about learning to understand and use technologies in a safe, positive way, also about supporting children and adults to develop safe online behaviours (both in and out of school). The Internet is part of children’s lives these days. It offers lots of educational opportunities, helps them keep in touch with friends and family and opens up a world of information and experiences. Whether on a computer at school, a laptop at home, a tablet, a games console or mobile phone, children are increasingly accessing the Internet in a variety of ways..
E-Safety is largely concerned with internet communications. The internet is accessible from computers, laptops, tablets, mobile phones, games consoles and other devices like the iPod Touch and internet connected TV. Other communication technologies such as texting and phone calls are also covered by the term ‘ESafety’. 

Supporting your child on line

Parent / Carer Guides 

The Online Together Project is a joint initiative between Internet Matters and Samsung to help all young people and their parents and carers develop their critical thinking skills and promote a positive and inclusive culture online. Why is it important? In an ever connected world, it is important to support young people to understand others’ viewpoints, to challenge negative preconceptions and help young people feel empowered and supported in their experiences with others online.