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Chestnut Park Primary School

Chestnut ParkPrimary School

Pupil Leadership - Empowering our children

At Chestnut Park, we provide various opportunities for pupils to demonstrate leadership skills and contribute to the school's development. These include the School Council, Digital Leaders, Library Leaders, and the Eco Council. Each leadership position plays a vital role in ensuring that our school functions smoothly and that our students have the chance to voice their opinions and make a positive impact.

We strongly encourage all students to consider participating in these leadership roles as they provide an excellent platform for personal growth, fostering skills such as teamwork, decision-making, communication, and responsibility. Taking on these responsibilities at an early age equips our pupils with the necessary skills and mindset to become future leaders and valuable contributors to their communities.

We believe that by giving ownership of the school to our children it creates a better school and builds leaders of the future.

 Our Pupil Leaders are trained to help in delivering this vision through:

  • Working alongside the staff in making key decisions
  • Voicing opinions and ideas to improve learning and teaching
  • Being visual around the school to promote good behaviour and safety
  • Actively seeking the views of other pupils regarding key issues and changes in the school

There are a number of different whole school roles and responsibilities that children can be involved in, but alongside this, within the classroom, children also are given a variety of roles and responsibilities. They may (for example) be ‘Art Monitors’ in charge of all things creative, or ‘Book Monitors’ who support the teacher by handing out books.

Again, by giving children responsibility and ownership of their class it builds respect and a greater sense of autonomy.

Our leadership teams: